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Oracle VM Templates now available on SPARC platforms (Oracle's Virtualization Blog) (tags: SPARC Solaris )

And no ... zfs scrub isn't a hidden fsck

I’ve got quite a number of tweets and mails with the question “But is zfs scrub” not something like fsck. And the answer is “Well … no”. It's zpool scrub,...

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cluepon.net/ras/gizmodo About the Spamhaus/Cyberbunker DDoS Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Solaris 11 Evaluation (tags: redhat solaris ) Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Solaris Porting Guide (tags: redhat solaris )...

Nice article helping with the provisioning of Solaris 11

Kristina Tripp and Isaac Rozenfeld wrote a nice article about the steps needed to enable an existing Solaris 10 jumpstart server to install Solaris 11 automatically as well: How to...

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ZFS forensics scrollback script - Siwiki (tags: Script ZFS Solaris ) Netz-Phänomen: Nehmt es als Erfrischung! | Digital | ZEIT ONLINE (tags: shitstorms )

No, ZFS still doesn't need a fsck. Really!

Friday was a day that i called once 10k day. More 10.000 visitors to my blog in one day. Saturday was similar. This surge was create by an link on...


I would like to add a comment to the SPARC T5 launch. There are some news outlets that are buying into this per core performance thing that was introduced by...

DevOps reactions

A reader send me this a while ago. It really summarizes the reactions of people using DevOps in a totally scientific and precise way ;)

Less known, but frequently used Solaris feature: Address space layout randomisation

One of the features introduced with 11.1 is the Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) . And when you work with 11.1 you are already using it. So it’s a less...

T5/M5 benchmarks at Bestperf

With the announcement of SPARC T5 and SPARC M5 a lot of benchmarks were mentioned. I won’t repeat all of them here, however i would like to point you to...

Core Factor for SPARC T5 and SPARC M5

The “Oracle Processor Core Factor Table” has been updated in order to include SPARC T5 and M5: It’s 0.5 for both.

Glenn Faden about the extended policy feature in Solaris

Glenn Faden strikes again: In the article “Oracle Solaris Extended Policy and MySQL” he describes, how to use the Extended Policy feature to lock down the mysql service.

Application sandbox with Solaris

Glenn Faden wrote a really great article about the sandboxing of applications with privileges: Application Containment via Sandboxing. Worth a read.

Some additional Oracle events in Germany

After my blog entry about the both events in Frankfurt and Munich i was asked “And what’s about other cities? in Germany. Thus i would like to point you to...

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Write Secure Code - Don't Write Security Code: Die Autorisierung deklarativ lösen (tags: development german authorization )

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Solaris 10 1/13 patchset released and latest Solaris 10 Kernel PatchIDs (Patch Corner) (tags: patches Solaris10 Solaris )

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How to Protect Your Oracle Solaris Zone Cluster (OTN Garage) (tags: TrustedSolaris Cluster Solaris ) The Event Completion Framework for the Solaris Operating System port_create(3C) (man pages section 3: Basic...

Less known Solaris Features - Data Link Multipathing

I used this feature in the HA-loadbalancing tutorial already. However the future too useful to stay just a “by-word” in a different article. It is DLMP. Or by its full...

Live Events "Announcing New SPARC Servers with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor" in Germany

The events announced in this blog entry take place in Germany, thus this entry will be in german language. Ich habe ja gestern schon auf den Webcast “Announcing New SPARC...

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SPARC T4 Digest and Crypto Optimizations in Solaris 11.1 (Dan Anderson's Blog) (tags: solaris solaris11.1 cryptography ) Boost C++ Libraries (tags: libraries development C++ )