Oracle Solaris event in Vienna

On May 23rd an Oracle Solaris event will take place in Vienna. You will find further information about this event in the Oracle Systems Blog Austria: “Solaris Technical Day on...

PCI DSS with Solaris 11

Interesting whitepaper about the compliance to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) with Solaris 11: “Oracle Solaris 11 and PCI DSS”

Contrails 2

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Chris's Wiki :: blog/solaris/ZFS4KSectorDisks (tags: zfs )


Amazing how far you can see contrails. Was just looking out of my roof window and saw a contrail in the distance while thinking about a problem. An Airbus 340-600...

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Holy Coding Error, Batman - (tags: austerity excel economics ) Reinhart-Rogoff coding error: Austerity policies founded on bad coding. (tags: bug )

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This is BIG: Java on ARM Cortex-M3/M4 | Across the Universe (tags: java ARM embedded ) The Boston Marathon Bombing: Keep Calm and Carry On - Bruce Schneier - The...

IDC about T5/M5

Interesting read: Oracle Launches T5 and M5 Servers : A New Generation of Oracle’s SPARC/Solaris Servers


Solaris 11 SRU naming convention

As explained by Gerry Haskins in “Solaris 11 SRU naming convention change” the naming convention for Solaris 11 has been changed. An example: A SRU that would be called “Oracle...

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A non-mathematical explanation of one way functions | John Graham-Cumming (tags: cryptography )

Less known Solaris features: Defaults for useradd

One of the lesser known features of useradd command is the ability to set defaults for the creation of users, nevertheless is featured prominently on the man page. When you...

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Massive Solaris Scalability for the T5-8 and M5-32, Part 3 (Steve Sistare's Blog) (tags: T5 M5 SPARC Solaris )

Switching off SSDs and the consequences

Just in case that you are thinking that data-storing dust is more reliable in a failure situation than rotating rust: “Understanding the Robustness of SSDs under Power Fault”. This is...

vNICs on vNets in Oracle VM for SPARC.

A while ago i wrote in “How to get Solaris 11 VNICs in a Virtualbox VM to work - kind of …” about a trick to get vNICs to work...

Solaris 11 and OpenLDAP

A nice explanation how to use OpenLDAP as a name service directory and enabling the administration of the content of the directory (in order to make useradd -S ldap work)...

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Oracle takes apparent step toward standardizing on a single chip design - Computerworld (tags: M5 T5 SPARC )

Scalability of Solaris on large T5 and M5 systems

SPARC T5 and M5 had also a large impact on the work of the solaris development. Steven Sistare just started a series of article explaining the steps how to scale...

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Cary Millsap: NoSQL and Oracle, Sex and Marriage (tags: oracle database nosql )

X.509 for SSH

Hai-May Chao created a nice tutorial on the task how to use certificates for SSH authentication: “How to Set Up X.509 Support for SunSSH on Oracle Solaris 11”