Since Oracle (or at that time Sun) introduced the the new packaging system in Solaris Express and later Solaris 11, the version string was a little bit strange.

root@togusa:~# pkg list -H entire
entire 0.5.11-    i--

This was changed to a different output in Oracle Solaris 11.4. Now it's versioned in a much clearer manner.

root@batou:~# pkg list -H entire
entire                                            11.4-        i--

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  • Marcel Hofstetter JomaSoft  
    And uname also provides the details

    -bash-4.4$ uname -a
    SunOS g0086 5.11 sun4v sparc sun4v

    -bash-4.4$ uname -a
    SunOS g0069 5.11 11.3 sun4v sparc sun4v

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