With Oracle Solaris 11.4 you are now able to give routes a name, thus making easier to refer to them in the route command. Let's create a route in the system, however we add an option to the normal command so it will have a name.
root@sol114s1:~# route -p add -name narf
add net -name narf gateway
Now we can refer to this route by using the name narf. For example to view the details.
root@sol114s1:~# route get -name narf
   route to:
       name: narf
  interface: net0
 recvpipe  sendpipe  ssthresh    rtt,ms rttvar,ms  hopcount      mtu     expire
       0         0         0         0         0         0      1500         0
You can use it as well for deleting it.
root@sol114s1:~# route delete -name narf
delete net -name narf gateway
With a consistent naming scheme on all your systems you can definitely make your life easier here when you work with routes.

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