A new start

Perhaps you know that I was the guy behind c0t0d0s0.org. I started it around 2004 and for the topic it was quite successful. As time went by, things changed. Around spring 2011 the c0t0d0s0.org blog went into a some strange status because out of … well … reasons. I didn’t update it frequently. If at all.

In the last few months i decided that i want to change a few things in live. One of the things was “I would like to do more what I really like” again. One of the things i miss was the blog. Not the blog itself. But: Writing. Explaining. Teaching. About technology. Ranting. About the world.

However i wanted to break with the past. Just starting to add articles in my old blog wouldn’t cut it for me. c0t0d0s0.org is a quite a freighted topic for me and so i thought i need a fresh start. I will port a few articles of the recent months, for the next few months i will put there articles pointing to this blog but other than that c0t0d0s0.org will now be a frozen blog.

What can you expect from http://blog.moellenkamp.org. Well, for sure there will be a few Solaris articles. But that will only a part - albeit an important part - in the future. This new place will represent as well my much broader interests that developed in the last years.

So here we are. Let’s look where this leads.