We can provide you used days wholesale

Had a lot of used days in the last few days: Day n-8: Eastern … a few days off … bank holiday. What a nice opportunity to get a sinusitis. Okay … bad mood and headache galore. Will be a nice weekend. Yay! Day n-6: Oh, friendly people at the counter in the airline lounge in HAM. I just want to scan my boarding card to get into the lounge and sit down. Get a coffee and forget the guy who drove with 130 on the fast lane almost from Lüneburg to Hamburg. Waited for a moment. Normaly it’s not a problem just to hold your boarding card on the reader even while people are talking with other customers. Otherwise the usual high-traffic hours in that lounge would lead to a queue from A40 to the security in HAM. I definitely don’t want to wait until you have stop talking with another guest. And i definitely don’t want to wait after such a unfriendly comment telling me that i should wait. Sorry. Day n-6: A long queue at rental car company. What a nice time to to a lunch break. At least in the opinion of the people there at Frankfurt airport station of the rental car company. And the “manager on duty” just looked and did nothing, nor stopping the employee to go into lunch break nor doing some work on her own. And then the car was at the end of nowhere. Seemingly the last possible parking bay in the last possible rental car parking lot. Is this the way of the rental car people telling you “F*ck you” because you was just minimally friendly after waiting between 10 and 15 minutes to get to the counter. Day n-6: Oh nice … a hotel room at the top of the hotel. How nice. Just a little bit to warm. A little bit. Or did they gave me the key card for the sauna. As no naked people opened the door, it must be really my room … but better lock the door from my side. Day n-5: Waking up. I’m sure the official anthem of people with sinusitis is “Pretty Paracetamol” by Fisher-Z. This song is 35 years old now …. yet another reason to get bad temper. Day n-5: Where is the key of my car? Not for the rental car. Found that at exactly the same location i dropped it. For the car waiting in the airport parking lot in Hamburg. Checking travel time with my navigation device … enough time. Doing a full search in the hotel room. Dang. It’s not there. Looking into my backpack . Ouch … cutting myself with a razor inside my backpack. Who was the idiot putting it into my backpack instead of the bag with the foam, soap and blades. Oh that was me.Dang. And no band-aid in reach. A piece of toilet paper must be sufficient. Checking travel time with my navigation device again … Safety margin down to 5 minutes.Doing another search. Still not there. Safety margin almost eaten away. I have to leave the hotel. Looking around in the room a last time to check for forgotten things. Looking onto the desk in the room. Who has slaughtered a pig? Oh, it was me, the pig and the pig slaughtering the pig … back into the bathroom. Cleaning up the desk. Safety margin away. Checkout was faster than expected. Looking around in the rental car. Thinking how to get to my second car key. Driving to the Oracle office nearby. Want to get my badge out the backpack. The badge is not at the usual location. But my car key. WTF. At least i’ve reached the customer perfectly at the planned time. Day n-5: Left the customer at the latest possible moment with no extra time or safety margin. Glad i refueled the car before driving to the customer. I don’t know how how often I drove a car to the rental car return of Frankfurt Airport. I never took the wrong turn there because i know it gets difficult from there. However today i took the wrong turn to Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 1. I didn’t knew that i can run that long with a notebook in my backpack and in a suit … i’m really glad nobody shouted “Jumanji”, going through security in record time and being at the gate at boarding time sharp … only to learn that the plane is boarding 10 minutes later than expected … and we waited even longer for pushback. Day n-4: Just learned that i left my bag with all cables except the power supply of my notebook in Frankfurt. Damned. Really: ALL cables ranging from Ethernet Adapters to Charger for my mobile phone and for my iPad. Glad a friendly colleague took the bag with him and send it to me. Day n-3: I almost hit a woman on a bicycle almost directly in front of the Oracle office. That was really a close call. Just didn’t saw her, because i’ve concentrated on the “a**hole” bicycle driver driving that passed the road shortly before. I stopped immediately right on the street. She said, nothing happened except the “shock” of the close call. I have explained what happened. As i stopped my car directly on the road, I had to drive my car into the garage, shouted that i will back in a few minutes, however when I got back to the location the woman wasn’t there any longer. I can just hope that really nothing happened. Day n-0: I was attacked today. By a bottle of Ketchup. I just wanted some on my fries for lunch. However i opened the bottle and instead of my fries i got the ketchup direct into my face. Think of a really naughty thing and you have the picture.